Driveway Bike Gang and Conrad's Trip to the Doctor

^^Driveway bike gang--and Conrad trying to keep up in his walker.  At least it's on wheels too!^^

We spent our Thursday evening at the doctor's office with Conrad for a ruptured ear drum.  Poor baby!  I had no idea he was so sick.  I suppose that is easy to do though when your baby is smiley and active all the time.  Conrad had a very stuffy nose for nearly two weeks.  We had some rough nights and he has preferred nursing over eating solid food, but he never ran a fever or indicated that anything else was wrong.  Over the last few days, his cold finally let up.  He was even sleeping through the night again.  And then this.  Ouch!  Poor, poor, baby.  The kid has a high pain tolerance. 

When I went to change Conrad's diaper, I noticed a thick snotty goo draining from his right ear.  "Oh, no!  That can't be good!" I thought to myself.  I immediately phoned a friend and then the doctor's office who suggested he come in that night to be seen.  Bummer.  I guess Jed and Levi would have to miss their soccer games because Bron was out of town.  Our trip to town was a three ringed circus that included a trip to the pharmacy and ended with ice cream, but we managed to get through the evening fairly smoothly.  Thankfully, Conrad has some medicine and is feeling much better now.  I can tell.  I didn't think it was possible for him to be any more happy or busy!  His genuine smiles and laughs melt me.  I sure love that baby boy with all my heart.  Get better soon, Conrad!

^^Mess maker.  I just can't be mad about it.  I mean, look at how short he is standing on those sweet little toes!^^


Late Summer Blooms and a Bike in the Mud

The other night I went for a walk to practice freelensing on some of my favorite late summer flowers but wound up practicing on a little boy playing in the mud instead.  It was a worthy and hilarious distraction from my original intent. 

Levi is such a ham in front of the camera.  He's always been a good sport putting up with my hobby.  On the flip side though, he certainly didn't mind my encouragement to keep playing in the mud!  See?  There are perks to having a mom who likes to take photos! 


The Cedar City Half Marathon

Bron conquered another half marathon!  He half-heartedly trained and then participated in one of the nation's fastest half marathons as a good majority of it is downhill.  Bron came away from the Cedar City Half Marathon with huge blisters on his feet from ill fitting shoes and some very sore muscles.  I couldn't help laughing at him every time he walked for three days afterwards.  But he did it and he did it well, finishing in 2:14.  I'm always impressed with his strength and stamina.

I was supposed to run the 5K with Conrad in the stroller, but when we walked out of our hotel room at 5:30AM Saturday morning, it was barely 50* degrees and pouring rain!  I couldn't make Conrad sit in a cold wet stroller.  So we went straight back to bed!  Haha.  Missing a three mile run wasn't a big deal for me though.  It was actually much better that I got some sleep because Bron's body was spent!

We met up with our friends, Aaron and Amy.  We ate a delicious pizza dinner and creamy gelato Friday evening together.  (We're still pretending that carb loading is real!)  Then I pretty much ate my way through the state of Utah as we drove back North Saturday afternoon.  I didn't burn the calories to deserve such gluttony, but whatever, I'm still nursing and food tasted sooo good!

One of the highlights of our quick weekend trip was meeting up with my Grandma for dinner in Orem.  Oh, how I love her!  We also drove up through Cedar Canyon and, oh my, is it gorgeous.

The weekend marked the bookend of our summer.  A big thanks to my mom for babysitting Jed and Levi!  They had a blast.     


The Master Bathroom

 ^^Getting ready for kindergarten.^^

The master bathroom is a place where, surprisingly, a lot of life happens!  We've explained the concept of privacy, but the boys still haven't quite wrapped their heads around the fact that I like to shower, dress, and pee in peace without them quite yet.  Jed seems to always be knocking on the door, Levi just flings the door wide open, and Conrad, well, he's been known to crawl right into the shower with me--clothes and all!  Haha.

Showers, baths and regular hygiene practices are a typical part of our routine.  Levi insists on having his finger nails trimmed every Sunday.  Um, okay!  I noticed that I've busted out my camera more often than usual to record these everyday events.  So therefore, here's a peek into what happens in our bathroom on a nearly daily basis.

^^Rub a dub dub, three boys in a tub!  It was all their idea one morning.^^